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A welcome piece of news comes to the people of Baguio City as Mayor Benjamin Magalong indicates a potential relaxation of the face mask rule if the current downtrend in COVID-19 cases continues for the next 14 days. On June 7, 2023, the Mayor expressed his readiness to make the wearing of masks optional, provided the promising trend in case incidence prevails.

Photo by: Kristel Ventura via SaBaguio Facebook Group | Model: Rage Kyle Bosque

Various COVID-19 indicators in recent days have been reflecting a decline in case incidence. “If we continue to maintain this trend for 14 days, I will declare wearing of masks optional,” Mayor Magalong said, giving hope to the citizens who have been diligently following safety measures for months.

It was only a few weeks ago when Mayor Magalong had issued Executive Order No. 63-2023 on May 17. This order revived the mandatory use of face masks in indoor spaces such as workplaces, classrooms, event venues, banquet halls, conference rooms, and similar settings. The move was seen as a proactive step in constantly safeguarding the health of the populace, especially given the surge in COVID-19 cases at the time.

As we now see a declining trend, the mayor’s new statement brings a ray of hope. Yet, it underlines the importance of maintaining current safety measures to ensure this trend continues. The city’s response to the pandemic continues to evolve as it balances public health safety and a return to normalcy.

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