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The City of Pines, Baguio City, is known far and wide for its honest and kind drivers. Yet, road discipline, an area paramount to maintaining the harmony of the city, still requires attention. With this in mind, Mayor Benjamin Magalong recently issued a timely reminder to all public and private vehicle drivers: Baguio City is a “Traffic Discipline Zone,” and it is incumbent upon them to uphold this status.

“As drivers, we have a responsibility not only to our passengers but also to pedestrians. Let us uphold discipline at all times,” the Mayor urged. His call for consistent responsibility isn’t simply a matter of adherence to rules and regulations. It is a plea for mindfulness, understanding, and patience – cornerstones of a well-ordered city and society.

Mayor Magalong elaborated on key areas where drivers must practice this road discipline. These include giving pedestrians the right of way in all situations, yielding to pedestrians crossing streets at crosswalks and traffic lights, and allowing pedestrians safe passage when entering or exiting establishment parking lots.

In addition to these guidelines, the Mayor underscored the importance of drivers’ honesty and kindness. These attributes have long distinguished Baguio City from other localities, earning it the reputation of a city with courteous drivers and a culture of respect on the road. This distinctive trait has become a source of pride for its residents, and the Mayor wishes to see it upheld and enhanced.

“We value our drivers and their contributions to our economy and to maintaining public order and safety in our city,” Mayor Magalong concluded, showing the local government’s profound appreciation for the drivers’ role in the city’s vibrant socio-economic life.

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