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Baguio City marked another environmental milestone on May 18, 2023, with the ceremonial launching of a mural titled “Saving Our Remaining Watersheds” at Legarda Road. The event, led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong and City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña, spotlighted the city’s commitment to environmental conservation and watershed protection.

This initiative is steered by Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr., whose dedication to safeguarding Baguio’s environmental treasures is reflected in the project. The mural, brimming with symbolism and artistic expression, serves as a compelling reminder of the need for collective action to protect and conserve the city’s remaining watersheds.

Representatives from various sectors, including Gladys Labsan from Sin-agi, BCPO Station 5 Personnel, and student artists, were present during the launch, demonstrating the breadth of the city’s commitment to environmental preservation.

The Baguio Educators Arts Guild (BEAG), a renowned group of artists in the city, was integral to bringing the mural to life. Notable artists like Jason Quinopez, John Dee Cayso, Margie Amorsolo, and Dr. Nay Darna Sito lent their creative talents and insights to the project, inspired by a photograph of the Buyog Watershed.

The mural stands as a tangible manifestation of Baguio’s environmental awareness and advocacy. It portrays the city’s vibrant biodiversity and the dire need for its preservation. Moreover, it signifies the city’s recognition of the vital role watersheds play in maintaining ecological balance and ensuring the availability of water resources for the future.

The ceremonial mural launching underscores the urgent call for everyone to partake in environmental stewardship. Through efforts like these, Baguio City continues to raise awareness and inspire action for the protection of our precious watersheds, vital to the survival and sustainability of life on Earth.

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