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Rainy season is definitely upon us, whatever happened to summer? I’m not sure but I do remember experiencing the heat for quite a bit until the rain started pouring down! There’s no point in sulking with this weather, locals from Baguio are practically used to this kind of weather — Bright sunny morning and Bagyo‑like afternoons. That’s Baguio for you.

The ‘Ramen Places to Try in Baguio’ list is definitely a must-have this rainy season. What better way to enjoy these rainy afternoons than a good bowl of soup, better yet a delicious bowl of Ramen! Baguio being one of the areas conquered by the Japanese during the World War, is not a stranger to Japanese food. With several Japanese restaurants, we have adapted not only their culture but their delicious food as well!

Ramen restaurants have been popping out of nowhere and are very much welcomed by tourists and locals alike. We will be listing down the Top Ramen Spots in Baguio city as well as some national and international chains.

Here are some familiar Ramen Restaurants, each with their own specialties:

Ramen Nagi

Famed for its unique and customizable ramen bowls, their Original Butao King is a perfect balance of noodles and broth. Have it any way you like spicy or not, with spring onions or cabbage, you decide and make your own delicious bowl! Still unsure of what you want? You can always ask the servers for suggestions. Don’t forget to try their monthly Limited Kings! Find them at 2nd Floor SM Baguio and at Ayala TechnoHub, Camp John Hay


Looking for a crazy alternative to your usual ramen? Kureji literally translates to “Crazy” in Nihongo and what’s crazier than a bowl of sizzling ramen? Serving your usual Shoyu ramens and the like with a hot twist. Enjoy them at SM Baguio’s Upper Ground Sunset Terrace.


One of the most authentic Japanese experiences you can get in Baguio is at Chaya. Home to the freshest Sashimis and most delicious Donburi I’ve ever had. This restaurant also serves a good bowl of ramen, with your choice of clear or creamy broth. The best part of this restaurant, the complimentary green tea ice cream topped with red bean! Undoubtedly a complete Japanese Experience! Located along Legarda Road.

Agara Ramen

One of Baguio’s homegrown restaurants Agara Ramen is a small ramen restaurant located a few meters from SM City Baguio. Have your ramen prepared in front of you and enjoy a good bowl of their signature Chuka Soba or their Tantanmen. They also serve Tsukemen, a dipping‑style ramen — one of my favorites! Check them out at North Drive, right beside Maybank

Makimura Ramen Bar ‑ SM Baguio

Pampanga’s famous ramen is here in Baguio City! Spice up the foggy afternoon with their delicious ramens! Choose from 4 flavors and ignite your taste buds! Can’t get enough? They also have gyoza, sashimi, takoyaki, and maki rolls! Enjoy an array of Japanese food at a low price without compromising quality at Makimura’s SM City Baguio Food Court Branch.

Oishi Ramen Bai

Hailing all the way from General Santos city, what started as a small ramen shop made its way to the cold city of Baguio! A game‑changer indeed, serving you delicious bowls of Ramen that will surely spice up your cold afternoons! Not into ramens? Don’t worry they have rice bowls and curry plates that will surely bring you a taste of Japan! Find them at Albergo Hotel

Baguio offers a rich and diverse ramen scene, each with its own unique take on the classic Japanese dish. Whether you are a local or a tourist, these six places promise a delightful gastronomic adventure. From the customizable ramen bowls of Ramen Nagi, the sizzling ramen of Kureji, to the authentic Japanese experience at Chaya and the locally-loved Agara Ramen, Baguio truly has something for every ramen lover. So, embrace the city’s rainy afternoons and warm up with a hearty bowl of ramen in one of these remarkable restaurants. Happy slurping!

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